Nitrous Oxide

Some children are given nitrous oxide/oxygen, or what you may know as laughing gas, to relax them for their dental treatment. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a blend of two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is given through a small breathing mask which is placed over the child’s nose, allowing them to relax, but without putting them to sleep. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recognizes this technique as a very safe, effective technique to use for treating children’s dental needs. The gas is mild, easily taken, then with normal breathing, it is quickly eliminated from the body. It is non-addictive. While inhaling nitrous oxide/oxygen, your child remains fully conscious and keeps all natural reflexes.

Prior to your appointment:

  • Please inform us of any change to your child’s health and/or medical condition.
  • Tell us about any respiratory condition that makes breathing through the nose difficult for your child. It may limit the effectiveness of the nitrous oxide/oxygen.
  • Let us know if your child is taking any medication on the day of the appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral medication is a safe and effective method of helping most children relax and have a more successful, comfortable dental appointment. Dr. Taheri and Dr. Naderi believe the goal of this treatment type is to achieve light or conscious sedation, not to put children to sleep. With the benefit of relaxing medication children may remember little about the appointment and return for a six-month check-up with less apprehension. While conscious sedation is not ideal for every patient, it certainly helps many by reducing anxiety and increasing their ability to cooperate.

Oral Conscious Sedation Consent Form

I.V. Sedation with Board Certified Anesthesiologist

I.V. sedation is appropriate for patients with severe anxiety or lack of ability to cooperate due to their young age, and/or physical or mental disabilities. During I.V. sedation the patient is completely asleep with the care of a qualified board certified anesthesiologist. Our anesthesiologists are experienced health care providers and are residency-trained. They utilize the most up-to-date medications, sophisticated monitoring techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients.

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